Real-Time PMS Dashboard

Our PMS Dashboard Reporting module tells you how your business is doing… in Real-Time!


At Hotel Perfect we are continually developing new features. Having really useful modules with practical applications is something we work hard to achieve. We already offer an advanced Hotel Property Management System (PMS) with a range of additional features and services. We are now able to take business intelligence reporting one step further for our customers with our Dashboard Reporting module.


We are the first UK PMS provider to enable customers to use a personalised dashboard to view a whole host of vital data, in one simple screen. Hotel owners, management and team members can access the visual tool to monitor how their hotel is performing with real time updates in our user-friendly Hotel Perfect Dashboard.

Many businesses don’t have the opportunity to make calculated choices when they’re favourable, leaving it too late to make a substantial impact on the company. With our Hotel Perfect Dashboard you can take action immediately based on real-time data.

If you’re a business owner on the go, the Hotel Perfect Dashboard reporting module could revolutionise the way you work and manage your company. You can keep tabs on both daily and management KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) in real time; say goodbye to weekly email reports and hello to complete control over your businesses’ performance.

What you get

  • Real data in real-time

  • Simple and informative visuals

  • Access on any device

  • Low monthly fee

  • Increased visibility of business performance

"With multiple hotels within the group, our Dashboard gives me the ability to monitor all of them quickly and easily without having to pull off multiple reports myself. I would thoroughly recommend."

Becky, Group Sales Manager - Newquay Hotels

After only 48 hours - "I'm addicted to the Dashboard already!"

Emma, Assistant Manager - Carbis Bay Hotel & Spa

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As Hotels start to look at reopening their doors and how they will work with the new normal of social distancing, hoteliers will be looking towards technology solutions for help. Keeping their guests and staff safe.

With the evolution of mobile hospitality apps like our contactless "Guest Check-in app," this is more than possible. The need for contact can be avoided altogether when guests can engage with the hotel and staff members from a smart device, allowing guest to have peace of mind and enjoy their stay at your hotel.

The pre-Check-in app is designed with this in mind, allowing the guests to perform a pre-check-in, which helps the hotel by giving them information and requirements. The advantages are: 

  • Great for social distancing.
  • Capture Guest Requirements.
  • Built-in Guest features.
  • Upsell in-room items such as Champagne, flowers etc.
  • Send requests to Housekeeping – eg. Extra pillows.
  • Book Lunch/Dinner reservations.
  • Capture Payment Card on Arrival.
  • Allow Guest to View and Settle room bills.
  • Provide Contactless 'Checkout.'
  • Stop gatherings and bottlenecks at reception desks.
  • Create additional check-in points for guests away from reception.

Mobile check in