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Our simple and stylish Direct Online Booking Engine makes it quick and easy for your guests to book directly through your website

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In today’s world of increasingly competitive hospitality markets, it’s no longer enough to only focus on creating a great experience within your hotel. Hoteliers need to be catering to the thousands of potential guests that visit your site every day and to achieve this means extending your carefully-crafted hospitality experience online.

Adding a Direct Booking Engine to your website gives customers the opportunity to browse your hotel, check rates, check availability and make bookings 24 hours a day, maximising revenue and minimising staff workload. It is also important to have a fully responsive engine to ensure customers can book from any device. E.g. Desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobiles.


Be More Efficient & Reap The Rewards

With our Fully Responsive Brand Aligned Direct Online Booking Engine, you can drive direct online bookings, grow your business and reap the rewards.

We understand that spending hundreds of hours manually inputting bookings from your website, is draining your resources and costing you what could be profitable revenue. Instead, sign up for our integrated beautifully designed Direct Online Booking Engine, which will not only feed live availability and rates to your website, it will also automatically add the bookings to your calendar leaving you free to spend valuable time on more customer focused tasks.

What makes our Direct Booking Engine special?

  • Mobile Responsive – Our new Direct Online Booking Engine is now fully responsive, guests can now book using any device, wherever they want.

  • Voucher Codes – Offer your guests exclusive rates and discounts with our flexible voucher codes. Offer price overrides to functions, corporate customers can have their own special rates or perhaps a free bottle of wine on arrival.

  • Commission free – Unlike the Online Travel Agents, we do not charge commission.

  • Fully integrated to Hotel Perfect PMS – Rates and availability are automatically uploaded from Hotel Perfect PMS and bookings are added directly into the calendar.

  • Break price parity rules – With our Direct Booking Engine you can break the constraints of price parity rules put in place by Online Travel Agents, you can now sell different packages, customised exactly how you want them. You have the control to add value using extras, voucher codes, offers etc.

  • Rate flexibility – Our Direct Booking Engine allows you the flexibility to charge per person, per room and for children of different ages which many Online Travel Agents cannot.

  • Fully customisable – We let you choose how you want to sell your rooms. You choose which room types and names will be used. Photos are used to showcase your rooms with individual extras page’s allowing up-sell.

  • Talk to us – Our support team are on hand to discuss your Direct Booking Engine rather than sending an e-mail or joining a ticket system.

  • Brand aligned – Our Direct Booking Engine mirrors the look of your website and follows your brand guidelines.

  • Offer different availability – We give you the flexibility to sell alternate room inventory on your own website than what you have given to OTA's.

  • More control/flexibility – We give you the power to decide what you sell and how. You can update your pricing strategy and amend stay restrictions directly from the Hotel Perfect PMS.

Watch the video

Watch the video


“Hotel Perfect offered us what we needed, good support, nice system and lots of extras if needed”

Richard – General Manager at The Northwick Hotel

"I am delighted with the work that Hotel Perfect have done for me. The level of input that i was able to have on the look and feel of our Direct Online Booking Engine was very impressive."

Jonathan Lawley - Hotel Endsleigh

Our simple and stylish booking engine makes it quick and easy for your guests to book directly with you.

‘Direct Bookings’ can often mean many things, with us it is the booking engine we create for our customers that goes on their own website and allows guests to book directly online.

It is important that your guests feel they are booking directly and securely with you when they are booking a room on your website, so we build the Direct Booking Engine to match the styling of your website and showcase your branding.

For more information or to arrange a remote demonstration, please contact us.

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