Hospitality EPoS

An EPoS System that works for you and integrates seamlessly with your PMS

Keeping Pace

Consumer demand for fast service and simple transitioning is at its peak, and if you don’t have a Hospitality EPoS system that can keep up, you may lose out. The Hotel Perfect EPoS system is flexible and accurate. It gives you the power to handle every transaction faultlessly, no matter how complex.

Every restaurant, bar and function venue becomes quick and efficient with Hotel Perfect EPoS. It eradicates communication problems and lost orders, it even goes a way to minimising human error!

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Hotel Perfect Gives you More

Elegant waiter pads can also add sophistication and speed to your table service. These devices can take orders, send orders to the kitchen, open tables, print receipts and charge to room bills.

Our loyalty system, which is as powerful as the big-name brands, rewards your customers for repeat visits and encourages customer commitment to your establishment.

Back Office software and mobile apps give you full access to real-time data including sales and labour statistics.

Our Hospitality EPoS system fully integrates with our Hotel Perfect PMS so you can easily manage both accommodation and F&B aspects of your business in one simple, yet powerful program.

Watch the video

Watch the video


Give your customers the service that they are looking for with our Hospitality EPoS

EPoS Functions

  • Flexible Table Management – You can build your own colour floor plans complete with accurate table positioning and table numbers that can be changed as frequently as necessary.

  • Discounts – Set up your own discounts for staff, members or goodwill gestures. These can then be applied to the bill at the click of a button.

  • Vouchers – You can give customers vouchers or gift cards that give them money to spend or items for free.

  • Happy Hour – If you have prices that differ for a particular time of day, you can configure these prices to automatically change at a pre-set time of day like a Happy Hour.

  • Various Payment Types – Bills can be settled quickly and easily via a number of payments methods including cash, debit/credit card, vouchers or a loyalty card.

  • Charging to Room Bill – Our Hospitality EPoS System is integrated with our Hotel Perfect PMS so that you can instantly charge transactions for residents across to their room bill.

  • Multiple Restaurants and Menus – If you offer your guests a choice of restaurant and menus this can be handled easily by our EPoS. You can switch between menus and have different tills set to different restaurants.

  • Time and Attendance – This optional module gives you the tools to record staff clock-ins and wages so that you can create staff rotas and monitor labour costs.

  • Stock Control – Wet stock can be recorded and managed from the EPoS back office to give you accurate, real-time stock figures.

  • Loyalty Schemes – The Frequent Diner module allows you to reward repeat customers by issuing loyalty cards that they can use to accrue and spend points.

  • Multiple Kitchen Printing – If you have a busy kitchen with a number of stations, perhaps for starters, mains and desserts, we can set up a different kitchen printer for each station.

  • Fingerprint ID – The next generation of staff log in, our fingerprint scanners give your staff access to the EPoS system just by the touch of a finger.

  • Promotions – The back office is a comprehensive yet simple tool that allows you to set up any number of promotions and promotion combinations to maximise your sales potential.