Guest Relationship Manager

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With the seamless integration of a Guest Relationship Manager (GRM), you can take focus to your guests. From the moment they enquire and make a booking, right through to their decision to return to your hotel; a GRM is a valuable way to engage with your guests and build your relationships.

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Primary objectives of a GRM:


Tools and reporting you need to design and measure the digital conversation


Capturing data, building guest profiles and converting OTA’s


Keep your guests and drive direct bookings

Main functions of a GRM:

360 degree CRM

Customer data is pushed from Hotel Perfect and our GRM uses interaction data as well as pulling data from social media feeds, to give you a truly dynamic and detailed view of guests, enabling you, the Hotelier, to further enhance the guest journey.

Transactional e-mails

Our GRM automatically sends a number of carefully timed and personalised e-mails to your guests, from confirmation e-mails, to room upgrade emails, to guest survey e-mails. The guest survey tool allows you to easily track guest satisfaction and encourages your guests to give you feedback and rate you on TripAdvisor.

Mobile concierge

This sophisticated system is akin to the ‘manage my booking’ portal you might log into if you booked to go to abroad with Travel providers. Your guests can view their check in times, and peruse a detailed and engaging online content portal. This can be tailored to suit your business, but the real Return on Investment is generated when it is used to up-sell room upgrades, dinner, treatments, excursions, flowers in rooms etc. The guests can request any of these extras within the Mobile Concierge and your team can then accept the request so it is added to the itinerary.


Our GRM also has a full mailshot feature which includes 30,000 emails per month within the monthly cost. These are fully branded templates that can access your dynamic CRM so that you can send relevant, personalised and beautifully designed mailshots. This would replace the mailshot tool you currently use, so the cost savings here can often be significant.




“The integration of a GRM has been a positive asset to our marketing strategy. It’s enabled us to personalise and tailor our communication to guests as individuals depending on their booking type, interest and media source. We’ve seen a great response to the concierge section and we’ve enjoyed seeing how our guests have moulded their stay into what they require at a time suitable to them.”

Emilie Cole - Marketing - Newquay Hotels

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