Keep on top of room status and maintenance issues with our Housekeeping App

The Housekeeping App is the newest addition to our software suite and is designed to relieve pressure from Housekeeping and Reception departments

This new module enables Housekeeping teams to view and update room status and log maintenance issues quickly and easily from a mobile device.


Hotel Perfect PMS has a ‘Room Control’ screen that enables users to manage various aspects of rooms such as bills, check-ins/outs, guest contact details and room status, but it’s often not used by Housekeeping teams as they typically don’t work directly with the PMS. Generally we find that Housekeeping will walk or radio to reception to let them know a room is cleaned or has a maintenance fault, and then reception will enter it on the system. The Housekeeping App can change this, enabling Housekeeping to update rooms and log maintenance issues remotely, with just their mobile or tablet device.

This time-saving module is so simple and easy to use that the Housekeeping team will love it right from the beginning, especially since it reduces the need to constantly feed back to Reception and allows them to keep an electronic record of their work, rather than needing to rely on paper. Having immediate access to the Housekeeping App means that maintenance faults are less likely to be forgotten as they can be recorded as soon as they are noticed. The recorded faults drop immediately into the PMS so that they can be actioned quickly.

In larger properties the Housekeeping App can be used by Heads of Department or other team members to quickly find out the status of a room whilst they are on the move. For example, there is a status type that lets team members know the guest is out of their room so it’s a good time to go in and clean or perform a turndown service or similar.

With a number of applications, the Housekeeping App would benefit any accommodation business by driving efficiency and greatly improving communication between Reception and Housekeeping teams.

All New Maintenance App: You can now bring the maintenance team in on the action by giving them their own web app which will show them a list of maintenance faults for them to work on. Anything they put into the app will go to the full PMS used by reception.

This solution is being continually developed, please ask for more information.









Make your Housekeeping operations quicker and smoother with Hotel Perfect

Key Features

  • Update status of bedrooms on the move – Enable your busy Housekeepers to quickly and easily update the 'ready status' of a bedroom whilst they are in the room

  • Provide Reception with a trustworthy account of all available and cleaned rooms – Receptionists can be assured that all room statuses are current as there is no delay between Housekeeping servicing a room and the PMS being notified

  • Give Housekeepers the power to see the cleaning requirement for each bedroom on their mobiles – At the touch of a button Housekeeping can look up key details about a bedroom such as whether it's a stay on or departure and if it's supposed to be made up as a double or twin

  • Record maintenance faults as soon as they become apparent – When Housekeeping find a fault in a bedroom, they can submit this into the system before leaving the room to ensure it isn't forgotten and maintenance can action it right away

  • Give various departments an overview of available rooms and guest movements – We expect the application for this module to be varied from hotel to hotel but it could be used for other departments to have a view on availability of rooms and whether the guests are in-house or not

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