Guest Check-In App

Check-In technology, whenever and wherever you need it.

Why is it so useful?

Would you like to offer your guests a less formal way to check-in away from a desk, or are you running a hotel that often has busy check-in times?

Our new Guest Check-In App could help you manage guest arrivals better and provide a more personalised ‘lounge’ check-in experience away from the front desk.

We’ve designed a simple and straightforward App that allows you or your guests to check-in remotely via their mobile. This is great for hotels as guests can let you know their estimated arrival time and any requirements, so you can be fully prepared for their arrival.

Flexibility, always

The Guest Check-In App could be used by additional staff around reception to check guests in during peak times to improve guest experience.

At Hotel Perfect we believe in designing flexible solutions that support different hotel models, so that our clients have the freedom to manage their hotel how they want to.

Flexible, time saving, simple - this is how check-ins should be. The App helps you get your guests' journeys off to a great start.

Key Features

  • Super helpful during busy check-ins – Your other staff can help out the reception team during peak times using this app, perhaps on a tablet device, saving time and avoiding long waits for your guests.

  • Pre-check in Guest Engagement – Promote interaction from your guests prior to arrival by enabling them to check themselves in via the app.

  • Streamline your process for recording guest requests – Dinner, Newspaper and Alarm Call requests can be entered into the app, making the process of finding out what your guests want and when, sleeker than ever.

  • Supports a virtual reception desk – If you don't have a static reception desk, and instead check guests in elsewhere, then the app will streamline this process to make your check-ins even smoother.