New Financial Interface

Stay compliant with Hotel Perfect's New Financial Interface

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is an overhaul of the UK VAT system, put in  place by HMRC to help save time, reduce errors and minimise the risk of penalties.

HMRC will give businesses until 31st March 2020 to make sure there are digital links between software products, and all manual processes replaced with digital ones.

This means that manual transfer of data to your primary accounting software will no longer be permitted, and from the deadline, can only be done through a digital upload.

Therefore, at Hotel Perfect we have created a new interface as a solution for the digital links part of the MTD requirement. Our New Financial Interface will allow for the data from your Hotel Perfect PMS to be transferred digitally into your primary accounting system, without any manual interference.

Accounting platforms that we are supporting include:

We believe that this is positive for businesses; it will allow for better quality reporting, fewer errors and faster results. It will also free up time for more important activities within the business.



You can read the HMRC page about the changes, particularly the section on MTD Compatible Software here


If you would like to receive further information and an order confirmation for this new offering, please contact sales@hotelperfect.co.uk

As Hotels start to look at reopening their doors and how they will work with the new normal of social distancing, hoteliers will be looking towards technology solutions for help. Keeping their guests and staff safe.

With the evolution of mobile hospitality apps like our contactless "Guest Check-in app," this is more than possible. The need for contact can be avoided altogether when guests can engage with the hotel and staff members from a smart device, allowing guest to have peace of mind and enjoy their stay at your hotel.

The pre-Check-in app is designed with this in mind, allowing the guests to perform a pre-check-in, which helps the hotel by giving them information and requirements. The advantages are: 

  • Great for social distancing.
  • Capture Guest Requirements.
  • Built-in Guest features.
  • Upsell in-room items such as Champagne, flowers etc.
  • Send requests to Housekeeping – eg. Extra pillows.
  • Book Lunch/Dinner reservations.
  • Capture Payment Card on Arrival.
  • Allow Guest to View and Settle room bills.
  • Provide Contactless 'Checkout.'
  • Stop gatherings and bottlenecks at reception desks.
  • Create additional check-in points for guests away from reception.

Mobile check in