Case Study:
The Travelsmith Group

The Travelsmith Group is a successful tour operator who have been arranging holidays since 1983

Company Profile

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The Travelsmith group is an experienced tour operator that specialises in holidays to the Channel Islands and Cornwall. With over 30 years of experience, Travelsmith has built its reputation on quality holidays with an exceptional customer service experience.

Travelsmith’s team have vast amounts of resort knowledge, meaning that customers are always in the best hands for in-depth advice. Available seven days a week, the team take bookings and respond to enquiries while making sure each customer will go on a holiday they’ll thoroughly enjoy.

The Travelsmith group has a range of different accommodation types; whether guests are after a refined four-star apartment or a magnificent coastal hotel, a lavish villa or a quaint country cottage, the Travelsmith group has it all.

Client’s Vision

The Travelsmith group has a long history with the Hotel Perfect property management system (PMS) after using it both in their properties and their Essex head office. As there are so many sites, many users require access so the Travelsmith Group needed a hotel management system that would be flexible, as well as complex enough to work with the central reservation model.

As the Travelsmith group is such a diverse business with many unique properties, they needed to be able to utilise a calendar-based PMS which could cater for a wide variety of packages and varying rates. Other requirements included a simple check-in process as well as a link to online travel agencies (OTA’s).

The Travelsmith group went into ‘research mode’ and compared all of the hotel management PMS’s on the market before landing firmly on Hotel Perfect. The Hotel Perfect PMS is so developed yet easy to understand, the Travelsmith group decided it would be ideal for their range of team members to use every day, no matter their technology skill level.

Another appealing concept for the Travelsmith group was the cloud-based PMS, which gave them the ability to access all of their hotels together at the click of a button. Furthermore, data from the Hotel Perfect Cloud PMS could be accessed from anywhere on any device, anytime. All that’s needed is a compatible device such as an iPad, iPhone or laptop with an Internet connection to use Hotel Perfect remotely.

Services Provided

  • Cloud PMS

  • Online Bookings

  • Channel Management

  • Hospitality EPoS

What We Delivered

The Hotel Perfect team installed the Hotel Perfect Cloud PMS and delivered lecture-style training sessions to ensure all of the Travelsmith team members had complete training and felt confident to use the Hotel Perfect management software.

The Hotel Perfect trainers were able to answer any questions and assure the team that with the simple Hotel Perfect user licence model, they would all be able to access the cloud at the same time. This means even with a large amount of staff accessing the cloud-based hotel software, everyone’s experience was fluid and effortless.

The transition to the Hotel Perfect Cloud PMS took only three weeks for the entire group. Hotel Perfect prides itself on an efficient migration process and the Travelsmith group felt no disruption to their normal operations. All of the group’s forward bookings, contact details and financial information was carefully transferred from Hotel Perfect’s version 4 to the Hotel Perfect Version 5 Cloud PMS which made for a seamless transition.

The Travelsmith group also wanted to implement the Channel Management module, which would update prices simultaneously on all of the group’s channels such as Online Travel Agents (OTA’s).

Now the Travelsmith group are successfully utilising the Hotel Perfect cloud-based PMS in order to increase sales and efficiently and accurately manage all of their various properties in one user friendly system.

"The training immediately prior to 'Go Live' was excellent."

Tracy Kirton - Sales & Marketing Manager

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