Case Study:
The Thatch

In the heart of the Devon Gold Coast, The Thatch is the village of Croyde’s famous freehouse.

Company Profile

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The Thatch is one of Devon’s most iconic freehouses, offering a superb dining experience, a wide selection of ales, accommodation and a number of events. The food is a collaboration of Devon and Exmoor’s excellent fresh produce and the innovation and imagination of the Thatch chefs. Utilising fair trade tea and coffee, local food and a dash of inspiration, the team at the Thatch have built up a fantastic recipe for success and the freehouse is rather famous in Devon.

Meanwhile, by way of accommodation there are two options for guests, B&B or self-catering. The rooms span across four historical properties all with their own unique story and charm. There’s the Thatch freehouse itself, as well as the recently refurbished Crosscombe Cottage, the Thatch sister pub Billy Budds which is next-door, and the Priory which is set slightly back from the other properties.

Guests are welcomed into the warm atmosphere with the promise of a Thatch breakfast the following morning and a team willing to help make their stay one to remember in any way they can.

Client’s Vision

The Thatch had used the Hotel Perfect legacy version 4 software for many years for the accommodation management side of the business and therefore decided to upgrade to the Hotel Perfect Cloud Property Management System (PMS) and experience the benefits it offered.

The cloud-based hotel software enables the user to access details of the business performance from almost any device and means whether you’re at home or away you can easily check in on how your company is performing. Living close to the Thatch and being actively invested in the business, this was a major benefit to owners, as they only needed an Internet connection to be able to access their business no matter where they travelled.

The Thatch also wanted to install dynamic pricing and Direct Booking Software in order to maximise their direct bookings rather than relying on the Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) which charge a commission. Not only that, but with a dynamic pricing module the Thatch would be able to have flexible rates meaning that if their occupancy level changed, so would the bedroom rates.

Services Provided

  • Cloud PMS

  • Online Bookings

  • Hospitality EPoS

What We Delivered

The Thatch staff were keen to undertake training and try out the new PMS software and features that came with it. The Hotel Perfect team were able to work with the owners and financial controller in order to enable select reporting in certain business sectors, which would then highlight revenue, splits and save copious amounts of time.

The integration of the Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) hospitality software to the cloud-based PMS was also a major plus for the Thatch as bedrooms could work up a tab in the bar on food and drinks without needing to use cash. This gives guests a fluid dining and drinking experience while allowing the Thatch to keep a reliable record of all additional costs. Management are now more informed than ever, thanks to the Hotel Perfect PMS and EPoS systems with the delivery of detailed figures which will help to inform future business decisions.

The Hotel Perfect installation team didn’t stop there, they were able to offer advice to the owners and select staff about their interactions with OTA’s and appropriate room rates and room types. The Thatch staff have quickly adapted to using the new modules as well as the cloud-based PMS software allowing them to maintain a more flexible business.

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Our prices are made to fit the size and requirements of your business. Our monthly costs are calculated dependent on how many users and which modules you require.

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