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Retreats Group

The Retreats Group houses three Welsh hotels under its umbrella - Roch Castle, Penrhiw Hotel and Twr Y Felin Hotel.

Company Profile

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The Retreats Group houses three Welsh hotels under its umbrella -Roch Castle, Penrhiw Hotel and Twr Y Felin Hotel. All three exude luxury and elegance and act as an indulgent haven for anyone seeking a break. Roch Castle Hotel is a magnificent historical structure set right in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and has been lavishly restored to house six en-suite bedrooms. Meanwhile, the Penrhiw Hotel is just a few minutes from St David’s Cathedral and is a popular location for weddings, holidays and other events requiring a dash of splendour. The Twr Y Felin Hotel, opening in October 2015, is an impressive addition to the Retreats Group’s established profile.

The three locations are in close proximity meaning guests can visit more than one of the hotels if they want. Both the Penrhiw Hotel and Roch Castle offer fine dining for groups of 8-14 if booked in advance, meaning you can have an intimate dining experience with friends and relatives designed specifically around your own culinary preferences.

Clients Vision

The Retreats Group had a small pay-per-room Property Management System (PMS) but as they were expanding to accommodate a third hotel, needed a more substantial and reliable hotel management software. With weddings and events being very popular at both Roch Castle and the Penrhiw hotel, the Retreats Group wanted to utilise an all-in-one hotel software solution which could store, organise and detail seating plans and other key pieces of information in one easy to access place.

The Retreats Group opted to install the Hotel Perfect property management system and also implement the event management module. This would accommodate all of their requirements and offer a host of features that they hadn’t been able to utilise before. Another thing the hotels needed was an effective Direct Booking Manager that could be flexible and adjust rates and availability online daily.

As the new Twr Y Felin hotel also offers a fine dining experience, the Retreats Group wanted to include an Electronic Point of Service (EPoS) hospitality management module that would enable guests to add a charge onto their room without having to worry about settling bills on the night. As well, the EPoS allows the group to evaluate in-depth sales records and examine the PMS’s analysis to help support management decisions.

Services Provided

  • Cloud PMS

  • Online Bookings

  • Channel Management

  • Hospitality EPoS

What We Delivered

The Hotel Perfect trainers and hardware installation team went to visit all three properties in Wales in order to introduce them to the Hotel Perfect Cloud PMS. The cloud-based PMS allows the management to access data from all three locations from anywhere. The Hotel Perfect Cloud software is easily accessible from many devices and offers an extremely flexible way of monitoring business progress.

The EPoS system works perfectly for guests eating at the hotel but also allows specific reports on offers and financial data. The Hotel Perfect Direct Booking Software was a fantastic development for the hotel group and seamlessly integrated with the hotel’s chic aesthetic and branding of the websites.

The Retreats Group is no longer reliant on Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) for bookings and instead is now able to book bedrooms commission free. It took only two weeks for all three of the groups’ sites to be up and running and have staff trained and confident with their new system.

“When I first looked at Hotel Perfect, the sales presentation was detailed, open and honest, unlike other competitors. We chose Hotel Perfect because of the conscientious service they provide and the detailed profiling and marketing facilities within the system. One year on and they are still as fully supportive as ever.”

Paula Ellis - Group General Manager

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