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Malvern Spa

The Malvern Spa is a truly decadent hotel in Worcestershire, offering extravagant spa facilities

Company Profile

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The Malvern Spa is a truly decadent hotel in Worcestershire, offering extravagant spa facilities set in 200 years of Malvern heritage. The Malvern Spa was built in 2008 and the site’s location was specifically selected to be near to the ore hole that’s used to supply pure Malvern water to the hotel.

Featuring 33 luxury contemporary bedrooms with Italian and boutique inspiration, the Malvern Spa is leading the way in chic styling. For those keen swimmers there’s an indoor-outdoor hydrotherapy pool that’s perfectly temperature controlled and offers a thermal spa experience, with bubble massage stations and hydrotherapy beds and booths for you to take some time in, or escape the main pool and use to talk to friends mid-swim. Even for those who don’t take to the water often, the Malvern hydrotherapy pool can offer a unique and rejuvenating experience. It’s not hard to see why the Malvern Spa has such a prestigious reputation when it comes to luxury!

The spa hotel also houses the Malvern Restaurant, which offers some exquisite examples of fine dining, as well as offering a traditional menu with locally sourced produce.

Client’s Vision

The Malvern Spa wanted to update their Hotel Perfect Version 4 Property Management System (PMS) to Version 5 and add on some extra packages in order to make their business more streamline. This would allow the Malvern Spa (which is really a rather large venue), to utilise Hotel Perfect’s hospitality management system across the whole site, which would optimise customer service and ensure every aspect of a guests’ stay became smooth from start to finish.

Services Provided

  • Cloud PMS

  • Online Bookings

  • Channel Management

  • Hospitality EPoS

What We Delivered

The Hotel Perfect team upgraded the Malvern Spa’s PMS from Version 4 to Version 5 and added several modules to help the hotel gain additional control. The first item was a call logging element that now works with the hotel management system to accurately record costs for calls from each bedroom and add them to the end bill.

One major benefit came in the form of the Malvern Spa’s new Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) software which enables guests to charge any meals or drinks from any point in the venue straight to their room, meaning cash never needs to be carried around the site.

The Hotel Perfect team also installed an Direct Booking Engine to make sure that potential guests could book easily and swiftly through the hotel’s own website, as well as other channels. This module is further supported by the Hotel Perfect simple Channel Management system and Dynamic Pricing add-on, which modifies prices dependent on availability and then informs the Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) and Online Booking Engine of the price changes automatically. The updates to the Malvern Spa’s system has saved them a lot of time, leaving the team to focus on other important elements such as the guest experience.

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