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Clarence House

The Clarence House Hotel is a prominent, seaside hotel situated on the cliff tops in Tenby, Wales.

Company Profile

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Set in the cliff tops of Tenby, the Clarence House Hotel is in an extremely versatile spot for visitors wanting to spend time in one of the most alluring small towns in the UK. The hotel is incredibly spacious, housing over seventy rooms and sits in a prime location in Wales, making it an extremely popular choice for holidaymakers.

Tenby is a beautiful harbour town with cobbled streets linking restaurants and shops together next to some of the most stunning beaches in the country. For those wanting a picturesque getaway or a week’s worth of sunbathing, Tenby offers something for all travellers. Tenby’s Harbour Beach is so well renowned that it claimed the title of the most beautiful beach in Europe in 2014, beating sandy locations in Portugal, Croatia and Italy to name a few. Clarence House is happy to welcome pet owners and has a range of self-catering properties that are also fully equipped for any disabled guests. The seaside location of the hotel means there’s a large influx of leisure and coach holiday visitors throughout the entire year keeping the staff exceedingly busy.

Client’s Vision

Clarence House Hotel had been using a manual booking system for some time. The reception team were well practiced in writing down appointments in the diary and managed the entire seventy rooms worth of bookings in this way! With no customer relationship management (CRM) or Direct Booking software in place, the business’ technology was falling behind its competitors. The new owner of Clarence House wanted a prominent online presence and the ability to report efficiently on how the hotel was performing.

Hotel Perfect had been recommended to Clarence House by another customer that loves using the system. A demo by Hotel Perfect then allowed the hotel to see how easy the Hotel Perfect Direct Booking Software and Property Management System (PMS) was to use. Clarence House was keen to introduce the Hotel Perfect all-in-one hotel software solution into the business.

Services Provided

  • Cloud PMS

  • Online Bookings

  • Channel Management

What We Delivered

As Clarence House Hotel had been using a paper-based system, our Hotel Perfect trainers spent some time explaining to staff how a transition from manual to electronic processes worked. The team were excited to launch the new software and integrate the Hotel Perfect PMS into the every day running of the business. Clarence House wanted the Hotel Perfect version 5 software installed along with the dynamic pricing and channel management features. This meant that the hotel website was able to adjust rates in response to demand, as well as automatically updating prices and availability. Not only does the channel management software update the Clarence House’s own website pricing, but it also adjusts rates throughout a variety of sites straight from the accurate and up to date data provided by the Hotel Perfect PMS.

The Clarence House team were quick to embrace the hotel management system and soon found there were many added benefits to conducting their daily tasks electronically rather than on paper. The team got on so well with the Hotel Perfect PMS software that Clarence House decided to install the online booking engine onto their website. The Direct Booking Engine allows Clarence House to take direct bookings at any time of day through the fully integrated Direct Booking software.

“We have found this system ideal for us! Great training and support too!”

Penny Phillips – Owner

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