The PMS system is at the heart of any hotel, Hotel Perfect PMS combines reservations, guest experience, marketing and revenue management, into one stylish package.

Hotel Perfect PMS

Whether you are a small independent hotel or a larger group, Hotel Perfect PMS is built specifically for your business. We can tailor our solution to you and you choose which software and modules will work for you.

Hotel Perfect PMS is always being developed to help our customers keep ahead of the market. Below are our current optional modules for the PMS:-

Dynamic Pricing – This allows you to automatically flex your prices based on occupancy levels. Hotel Perfect PMS can automatically and instantly reduce your rates for low occupancy periods and increase them when high demand occurs.

Events – This has developed into a powerful and sought-after tool that manages function room bookings and billing in a way that makes it simple and clear to the user. It also handles group bookings in an efficient and effective way.

Document Store – captures any correspondence associated with a booking. Confirmation letters, emails and even table plans can be attached for wedding or event bookings.

Guest Messaging – Send preemptive pre-arrival e-mails or SMS messages to your guests. Customized templates allow for a variety of uses such as directions to the hotel, post-departure questionnaires or pre-book dinner promotional offers.

Restaurant Bookings – This simple yet popular module allows you to book tables in your restaurant for both resident and non-resident guests. It stores basic details of the guests and includes a billing function.

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